Lavish Fix Is The Ultimate Online Platform For Shoppers Seeking A Luxury High Street Shopping Experience. We Deliver Stylish Clothing, Accessories And The Finest In Luxury Fashion To Your Doorstep. Lavish Fix offers a vast variety of clothing and accessories including dresses, tops, jeans, jackets and more! All For The Affordable Price Of $50/$60 – $80. If You Are Looking For An E-Shopping Portal That Offers You Stylish Clothing To Fit Your Requirements, Look No Further!

Lavish Fix was founded in 2020 by an amazing woman named Regina Snape. Regina has worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years and with this experience, she decided to create her own line of “savvy fashionable ladies' clothing”. Her goal was to design dresses that would stay stylish season after season. Lavish Fix is based out of South Jordan, Utah where all of the designs are hand picked by a team of locals who select the most unique pieces that you can't find anywhere else but here. 

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