Discover our "Re-fixed" collection, where sustainability meets style. Each piece in this collection has been carefully curated, restored, and revitalized to offer you high-quality, unique clothing options. Our "Re-fixed" items include vintage finds, designer pieces, budget-friendly options, and upcycled fashion, all given a new lease on life.

Embrace the charm of pre-owned clothing with the confidence that each item has been meticulously cleaned, repaired, and enhanced to meet our high standards. By choosing "Re-fixed," you are not only adding a distinctive touch to your wardrobe but also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry. Explore our diverse range of styles and discover the beauty of giving clothing a second chance.

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Sequin Fringe Sleeve Maxi Dress (Re-Fixed)

Sequin Fringe Sleeve Maxi Dress (Re-Fixed)

$79.99 USD$49.99 USD
Unleash your charm and rock this one-piece sheath silhouette with dazzling sequins. Complete with a unique fringe sleeve design, this dress is perfect for clubbing, partying, or any special occasion....