Welcome to Lavish Fix, your ultimate destination for trendy women's clothing, premium hair products, and unique pre-loved fashion pieces, affectionately called 'Re-fixed.' We're here to make your fashion journey fun, vibrant, and effortlessly stylish.

At Lavish Fix, we believe in celebrating individuality through fashion. Our curated collection features the latest women's fashion trends, high-quality hair care essentials, and carefully selected pre-loved items that are ready for a new chapter. Whether you're looking to update your wardrobe, find the perfect hairstyle, or discover hidden fashion gems, Lavish Fix has everything you need.

Our mission is to bring you affordable luxury and help you express your unique style. With Lavish Fix, every day is an opportunity to shine. Explore our collections and join a community of fashion enthusiasts who love to mix, match, and make a statement.

We're proud to have been featured twice on Good 4 Utah! Check out our segments to see us in action and learn more about our passion for fashion. [Watch Us on Good 4 Utah!]

Please note: All sales are final for re-fixed (pre-loved) items. Due to the nature of these items, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Each refixed item is carefully inspected and restored to ensure quality and value.

Shop with Lavish Fix today and let’s make fashion a fun and fabulous adventure together!

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