It's that time of the year again with snowflakes falling, yuletide cheer and Christmas shopping, hot cups of coco and cozy warm fireplace with sizzling embers of coal crackling away.



The right accessories can really take any casual wear from basic to great in seconds. Creating a private moment to get new clothes appropriate for the season can give you a great feeling of true self. You probably already know that wearing black can look elegant, while gray can make you look drab.
This information can be useful to help organize your ideas , and make a plan of action.

There are so many things we've been brought up to believe, such as anything is possible and it takes you an awfully long time to realize that they aren't everything we've been told.

If you want to solve the  problem of not feeling confidence in your look. Then you must try to understand why that problem exists in the first place. When it comes to improving your look I found that I was getting in my own way albeit unintentionally.

Every week or the night before I would lay two outfits out that I know I would feel confident in and try it on, to see which one provides the energy I am going for.
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